Solar Simulator

About Solar Simulator

Solar System Simulator at Scale, built for Google AR enabled devices

Based on an original concept by Jeroen Lapré.

A proof of concept Augmented Reality application, for teaching the relative scale of the solar system, by mapping it onto the real world using augmented reality.

The user "places" the sun at one end of a large enclosed space in the real world. The user is then instructed to walk to the farthest end of the enclosed space to "place" Neptune. The application then automatically scales the solar system to fit within the real world space, to scale.

The user can then walk from one planet to the next, to gain a visceral sense of the scale of the solar system.

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Experience the Solar System using Augmented Reality!

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App Screens

Placing Planets

Place the Sun into the Real world, followed by Neptune. The rest will automatically get placed in their respective positions, all in scale!

Immersive Planet view

Select any planets to enter the Planet view. View Earth, Saturn, etc. up close.

Accurate Orbits

Watch the Planets rotate around the Sun. Or the moons around their planets.

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